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People are our most important asset. When people get hurt, the job is delayed. But more importantly, we have a legal and moral responsibility to every person and his family to control job hazards. When equipment or materials are damaged, the job is delayed and we pay money on repairs and replacements.


Injuries, damage, and delays destroy the confidence that our employees have in us, and raise doubts about our ability to manage our jobs. Injuries, damage, and delays occur due to failure to plan, failure to provide the proper equipment, work procedures, training, and supervision that are necessary to control job hazards. Good management can prevent job hazards from causing injuries,  damage, and delays.

Orientation of New Employees:


When a new employee joins the company, he shall be oriented in the general requirements for

safety and first aid of the industry. Particular emphasis will be on:        


  • The nature and scope of the industrial safe practices issued at this time.

  • Any hazards are particular to the industry and phase of work then in progress.

  •  The importance of wearing the proper work clothes and personal protective equipment when required.  

  • The importance of constant awareness of safety for his fellow employees.

  • The tact that continual disregard of safety requirements will be considered as grounds for termination of employment.

  •  Information as to location of first aid facilities, fire equipment and necessity of reporting all  accidents and injuries

  • The equipment the employees will be required to use should be shown to them and they should be fully aware how to handle it.

  •  It is the policy of Precise Trading & Contracting of Qatar to establish throughout the entire organization the concept that people and property are our most important corporate assets, and their conservation thereof has management's highest priority, support, and participation.

  •  The goal of Precise Trading & Contracting of Qatar is to prevent occupational accidents, injuries, and illnesses. This goal will be achieved by management, who must place accident prevention and the protection of the health and safety of every employee, above any other consideration of operation or administration.

  • The ultimate goal at every of our organization is to ensure at all times, throughout every phase of job operation, the safety and health of our own employees, the owners/clients employees, the employees of every subcontractor, and of the general public at large.

  • The company will comply strictly with all legality mandatory and generally accepted work practices and procedures for the protection and promotion of safety and health of its employees and will strictly adhere to safety and standards and job work rules and procedures.

  • Employees at all levels must work conscientiously and diligently to execute the company's safety and health policy of maintaining the highest standards of occupational health and safety to prevent human suffering and losses, which result from unsafe malpractice.

  • The company will promote and enforce the development, dissemination, effectiveness, and improvement of its health and safety program.

Accident Prevention and Safety Policy

Specially, It Is the Policy of Precise Trading & Contracting of Qatar to:

  • Regard the safety program as the minimum standard, which will be an integral

           part of all its operations.

  • Establish and maintain within our employees continuing awareness of safety habits and techniques through periodic meetings and constant supervision.

  • Provide employees with necessary and approved personal protective equipment and enforce their use.

  • Promptly respond to any proposed recommendation with respect to safety or fire

  • Refuse the indifference or hostility of any employee toward safety.

HSE Meeting


Safety meetings shall be utilized on a periodical basis (normally every 3 months) for the achievement of a successful accident prevention program and to update this plan if required.


Instruction and Training

Precise Trading & Contracting of Qatar aims and Objectives are:


  • To provide working conditions and management systems that allow all employees to work safely, productively, and to a high standard, Involvement of management in the safety program.


  • To develop a safety committee and foster resolution of safety issues under its auspices.


  • Proper lifting methods.

  • Proper use of protective equipment.

  • Good housekeeping.

  • Employee's responsibilities.

  • Safe use of tools and equipment.

Plan of Accident Prevention.

Working with Electrical And Welding Gear

Transportation of Gas: Cylinders.

  • Proper earthling.

  • Proper use of pressurized units.

  • Safe use of oxyacetylene.

  • Fire 1 explosion during transportation.

  • Manual handling and health risk. 

Control Measures

  • Cylinders to be supported during transportation in order to prevent them from falling over.

  • Cylinders to be segregated by type in order to prevent Fire 1 Explosion.

  • Valve caps to be fitted to all gas cylinders during Transportation.

  • Loading-off - loading of the cylinder to be carried out by competent personnel utilizing correct slinging techniques.

  • Cylinders being offloaded from a vehicle will not be dropped to the ground and shall not be rolled.


Gas Cutting 

  • Cylinder explosion.

  •  Damage to eyes.

  • Fire.

  • Explosion risk - live plant 

Control Measures

  • Oxygen cylinders valves/fitting to be kept from grease/oil

  • Flashback arrestors to be fitted to gas cylinders.

  • Gas hoses and gauges to be maintained in a safe condition and inspected daily.

  • Defective hoses and gauges are to be replaced immediately.

  • cylinders to be used in the vertical position and secured against falling.

  • Personnel carrying out gas cutting operations will wear suitable eye protection and gloves.

  • Prior to gas cutting operations in live plant areas, Gas Checking shall be carried out and work will proceed in accordance with a permit to work requirements.


  • Damage to eyes/hearing / other body parts.

  • Wheel burst.

Handling of Materials

  • Trapping injuries.           

  • Slips, trips and falls.     

  • Manual Handling           

  • Falling Material

Control Measures

  • Grinders to be maintained in good condition and inspected prior to use.

  • Guards to be fitted to grinders.

  • Changing of abrasive wheels to be carried out by trained and authorized personnel using proper disc spanners.

  • Grinding operations in live plant areas will be carried out in accordance with the permit-to-work requirements.

  • Grinding operations will be controlled in order to prevent the risk of injury to other personnel from sparks/metal splinters.

  • Housekeeping in the areas at grinding operation to be maintained to a high level.

Control Measures

  • Personnel to wear suitable gloves, footwear, and eye protection when handling work items.

  • Suitable equipment is to be used to lift the steelwork and other items.

  • Steel elements will be stored in a designated area on wooden skids/sleepers.

  • Good housekeeping standards will be maintained in lay-down areas in order to prevent slip trips and falls.

  •  Personnel not involved in any material handling operation will be kept  clear of the area of work.

Erection of Scaffolding 

  • Scaffolders falling from height.

  • Scaffolders / other personnel injured by falling materials.       

Removal of Waste Material 

  • Manual Handling 

  • Damage to body parts        

  • Occupatonal Health Problems.  

Control Measures

  • Scaffolds erection to be undertaken by trained scaffolders working under competent supervision.

  • Safe means of access to be provided and maintained for the scaffolders caring out the erection work.

  • Suitable and sufficient material will be available in order for the scaffolding to be erected properly.

  • Scaffolders will wear full protection.

  • Scaffolds will be checked before using in each project/area. 

Control Measures

  • Personnel engaged in the removal of waste material will wear gloves, safety, and safety helmets.

  • Light waste will be swept up and removed in a wheelbarrow.

  • Heavier waste will be swept up and removed in a wheelbarrow.

Erection Of Steel Work

  • Falls from height

  • Manual handling

  • Falling materials.

  • Trapping injuries.

  • Slips trips and falls.

Control Measures

  • Trained and competent personnel working under supervision will carry out steel erection.

  • Method statements detailing the proposed erection schemes will be produced.

  • Steelwork will be lifted into position using suitable certified lifting tackle/equipment.

  • Personnel will wear gloves, safety footwear, and safety helmets.

  • Good housekeeping standards will be maintained in areas where equipment erection is being undertaken.

  • The area of the site of erection operations will be designated as a restricted area: -barriers and notices will be erected to prohibit entry to other personnel.




  • Precise Trading & Contracting of Qatar shall take proactive measures to prevent any emergencies and fire:

  • Storage of flammable and other hazardous materials in a systematic controlled way their use and storage location.

  • Good housekeeping, all areas must be kept free from debris and waste material.

  • All fire-fighting equipment must be inspected, at least monthly.

  • Appropriate work practices pirate work practices.

  •  The integrity of electrical equipment.

  • Isolation of flammable materials from sources of ignition.

  • Compliance with all legal requirements relating to the storage and use of flammable materials.

Fire Fighting Equipment

  • Portable or permanently mounted extinguishers shall be available throughout the worksite within 10 meters of any ongoing work involving welding,  burring, or use of open flames.

  • At least one permanent mounted extinguisher shall be provided in each working area, preferably near a door, and additional extinguishers mounted as required to have one within 15 meters of any point inside a building.

  • Each item of industrial mobile equipment, including all welding machines, having diesel or gasoline engines shall have a permanently mounted extinguisher on it.

  • A C02 Extinguisher shall be mounted at each electrical installation such as a substation, transformer, generator, or motor control center








Welcome to Precise Trading & Contracting W.L.L