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Our Objectives Are:

Our Quality Assurance Plan along provides the framework for a results-oriented management system that focuses on performing work safely and meeting mission and customer expectations efficiently through process improvement. It is line management’s responsibility to plan for and achieve compliance with the objectives of the Quality plan. In addition, every employee is individually responsible for the quality and safety of his or her work.

  • To present the utmost standard of service to our customers in the successful completion of this project within the assured time, cost, and quality.

  • To provide quality works and services that consistently meet customer’s requirements.

  • To be receptive in implementing good engineering practices en route for eliminate potential quality deficiencies and provide safe working conditions.

  • To provide continual improvement of our services to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, and

  • To enhance Customer relationship and improve facility to ensure continuous customer satisfaction

It is our policy to implement the Quality Assurance Plan in a way that is adequate to enable compliance with contract requirements, which ensures our continued success and shall be resource-efficient. The management and staff of the Precise Trading & Contracting WLL project team shall adhere to and implement the quality system developed for the project in accordance with the set policy and procedures. We hereby appoint the QA/QC as the Management Representative and assign him the authority and responsibility for the implementation and maintenance of our Quality Management  System.

Our Arrangements Underline:

  • Our essential resources are creative engineers and support personnel.

  • Our people who perform the work have the greatest effect on outcome and process quality.

  • Problem prevention is more cost-effective than problem correction