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Welcome to Precise Trading & Contracting W.L.L

Welcome to Precise Trading & Contracting W.L.L


Our Services

We undertake any large and medium scale project with all kinds of stainless steel fabrications and installations for residential as well as commercial projects. Our well-trained and well-experienced designers convert the ideas conceived by the clients to conceptual designs and our professional technicians under the intelligent guidance of leading engineers make it a reality.


Prevention is easier and better than cure. Our fire-rated doors & door frames comply with international standards and Qatar Government requirements. It not only prevents fire and safeguard you from any ill-fated hazards but also embellishes the ambiance. Our extensive collections include plenty of exquisitely designed and artistically carved doors and door frames. Apart from our own designs, we also undertake custom-designed projects to develop and materialize client’s design ideas and concepts. All our fire-rated GI metal doors both single & double leaves and hardware are UL certified with UL 10B standard.


  • FLUSH DOOR                                   
  • VISION PANEL DOORS                                 
  •  FOLDING DOORS                                        





Where the design gets shapes

Fire is the enemy of humankind from the stone ages; but not anymore Where the design gets shapes


A beautiful Kitchen transforms a house to a home. It is the heart of any home.

Our aesthetic cabinets, stylistic hoods& doors, well-schematized countertops, and unique color schemes bring a luxurious yet highly functional kitchen. Nevertheless, the size of your space, our designs work in a way that gives you an amusing space and amazing ease to work. It's just a great modern kitchen design. A modern kitchen design is all about simplicity and elegance- a wide range of themes & color schemes to choose from and you have the flexibility to endorse your ideas and concepts. We conceptualize and customize the selected theme in line with the physical space apportioned and ensure you will not miss the ambiance and beauty you dreamed of From design consultations to installation, each step is well monitored by our experienced designers and engineers ensuring the delivery of the contemporary feel clients are longing for.


  • KITCHEN CABINETS                             
  • DRAWERS (DOOR TYPE & DRAWER TYPE)                


We provide a complete service in Glass & Aluminium Works including professional installation. Glass & Aluminium Works today have become indispensable in the construction of modern buildings, both commercial and domestic, satisfying the increased requirements for functionality, design and weather protection.


  • SANDTRAP LOUVER               
  • DOORS & WINDOWS             
  • GLAZING                                  
  • STANDARD LOUVER          


Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery is the latest innovation in manufacturing technologies that deliver complicated cuts, fine edges, and sophisticated designs with nominal wastage and the least anxiety. The exemplary result gained with minimal manpower and 100% efficiency is the highlight of CNC machines.


Precise Trading & Contracting is all equipped with all the latest CNC machinery and experienced professionals to cater to all your CNC needs in a single shelter. A picture-perfect blend of flexibility and meticulous precision is what we guarantee with our CNC machinery which is well automated and computerized for any production use. Different CNC machinery we use to perform various type of metal designs and cutting are listed:



Apart from the CNC machinery, our factory and people are well armed and experienced to take care of any Metal Sheet Works. We are capable of working even from 4mm thickness Mild or Stainless-steel sheet cutting and bending works; thus, any intricate and complex designs can be well handled.


Our NC (Numerical Control) machine can perform the Shearing and bend of any type of metal sheet up to 5mm thickness with a minimum return bend capacity of 7mm. It can be applied for assorted uses like kitchen works, column claddings, decorative items, shelves, lockers, flashings to mention a few.


Our state-of-the-art rolling machine performs the complete process of rolling any form of sheets in a smooth and flawless way. This exceptional quality Sheet Rolling Machine can be used for various industrial usages. It is designed to perform a minimum radius of 300mm up to a sheet thickness of 3mm and 3 Meters long.


Different types of Roiling machines we have to cater to the needs of our esteemed clients are:


Sheet Rolling Machine: This machine is a great help in rolling metals for all kinds of Column Cladding & any other type of metal sheet rolling.


Profile Rolling Machine: Let it be Mild Steel or Stainless steel, our profile rolling machine can be used to perform the rolling of any profile in pipes and Tubes for Railings, partitions, and decorative shapes.  


Our factory and people are always set to perform the operations of all kinds of power tools like MIG/ TIG/ Arc welding machines, latest technology finishing/polishing tools, etc. These sophisticated tools are perfectly handled by the dexterous hands of our technicians under the wise supervision of professional engineers to ensure maximum end result.


Welding Machine: Diverse welding machines including TIG, MIG& Arc are well equipped with the Capacity to work on different platforms like Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Mild Steel. Our most Skilled and professional technicians can weld any of your materials from 0.5 mm to any thickness.


Polishing Machines & Tools: Finishing is the most important factor in any kind of Metalworks. So, all our processes will finally go through our finishing machinery to ensure the required finishing is secured. We are equipped with different shades of finishes like mirrors, semi-gloss, brush finishes to cater different desires of the client.  


Dragon III gantry plasma and flame cutting machine is Powerful: support plasma and oxyfuel, anti-collision design, dual drive, steady and solid structure, support high-strength tasks.


1.    Max cutting range :2500mm x 12000mm

2.    Support plasma and Oxy-fuel

3.    Hole cutting and sharp cutting

4.    Longitudinal drive mode: dual drive mode

5.    Maximum cutting speed: 6000 mm/min 6.Cutting software: Fast CAM

Time is wealth, Precision is beauty; CNC delivers you wealth and beauty